The CPS Research International has the latest and most recent information on marketing and social trends in Africa. With unprecedented technological advancement, faster internet connectivity, exponential growth in mobile phone usage, the successful money transfer through Mobile Phone Technology, we have undertaken painstaking research on various facets of livelihoods in Africa, with a sold aim of availing the most relevant information that best helps interpret the growth patterns of Africa and their impact on the socio-political landscape of the continent undergoing a reawakening.

So far we have important data on 30 countries dating over the last five years we have been in existence. The data is both in generic biographic data, population census, incomes of the working population, the taxed vis-à-vis the poor majority, but nonetheless a vital and the larger segment of the most African politicians. We have explored both the impact of post-colonial governments, the impact of aid, bad politics and development, the role of Multi-Nationals-Corporations and NGOs. Developments models in the continent form a part of continuous concern.

We work on the premise that each country and region has its unique set of challenges; environmental, social, cultural, political and economical. All these are at best factored to ensure that only necessary research is undertaken.


We have invested in numerous resources that appertain to our research and consultancy services. They include great research equipment, up-to-date with the dynamic technological world. With many physical facilities in various parts of Africa, we have the capacity to even undertake scientific research with possible collaboration with a number of institutions of higher learning.

From computers enabled with the latest software, great office and outdoor infrastructure, we have been able to access even the remotest parts of Africa and get all the necessary data and information.

Above all, our human resource is a powerful and dedicated team of more than 3,000 field researchers aided with an experienced managerial staff, we work in a well coordinated and synchronized way to deliver the desirable results.

We also have resources that enable us channel the information we have gathered to the required audiences. We have monthly publications that cover a number of issues, available both in print and online. We also avail routinely videos online and many can be accessed in our offices.

There are pictures and other publications that are specifically tailored for each country or regional needs.

Quality Control & Field

With our research spanning both great geographical expanse and different genres, it is only necessary that we ensure that we filter the best results that reflect the exact findings.  With that in mind, we have invested in a highly qualified team and enough staff that is always supported by extra personnel whenever there is need.

We have put up mechanisms of counter-checking the information gathered with the exact findings from the field. We put our field research into task in ensuring that every possible goal and target of the research is met giving consideration to all demographic data required by the client. The client is also given an opportunity to examine the approach and methodology and how the findings were obtained.